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The World's SMARTEST Handbag

Wireless charging pocket, fingerprint lock, distance alerts, RFID credit card protection and more

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FYB SMART Handbag collection

Handbag Features

Charge smart devices on the move

5,000MaH Wireless or Wired SMART device Charging pocket! providing that vital charge whilst on the go.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Link your SMART device enabling you to unlock your bag directly from your phone! And proximity sensor alerts you if you ever stray away forgetting your bag!

Biometric fingerprint recognition

TSA accepted Bio-metric (fingerprint) recognition Lock - Security features which are set to your Bio-metrics, Store up to 100 different fingerprints, quick, easy and fast access no need for keys or codes!

Smart Handbag App

The SMART Handbag with an App!

These Handbag’s come with an APP!! The FYB® SMART App gives you complete control and extra security. From the APP you can unlock your handbag and even get alerts if you leave your handbag or if it ever gets to far away from you

APP Features

  • Bio-Lock Security
  • Not only does the handbag open at the touch of your fingerprint, using the FYB® SMART App you can also unlock via your SMART phone or SMART watch giving you added security and ensuring your belongings remain safe!

  • Proximity alerts
  • The SMART App also gives reminds you if you ever leave your handbag behind so you’ll never lose your handbag again!

Handbag App

wireless smart handbag

Wireless Charging

We have worked tirelessly to design the London SMART handbags to meet the 24hr go getter lifestyle and we know from experience that nothing slows down productivity than running out of battery throughout the day! That’s why we’ve created the London SMART handbags to include a Qi-certified Wireless charging pocket! Simply drop your phone into the charging pocket and strive forward into your day!

Bluetooth Smart Handbag

Proximity Alerts

Never lose your handbag again! Ever walked away leaving your handbag behind, or worried every time you put your handbag down someone may run off with it? Thanks to proximity alerts, you will be notified if you ever get separated from your London SMART handbag!

Bio-Metric Lock Smart Handbag

Bio-Metric Lock Security

The Average value of the contents of your handbag is over $3000!

Carrying your laptop, Smart phone, Tablet, wallet and other valuable belongings is the perfect target for thiefs. Secure your belongings with our Biometric lock security! Simply touch your finger on the element and the automatic lock releases allowing only you access to your precious belongings!

Store up to 100 different fingerprints, quick, easy and fast access no need for keys or codes!

Or use the Bluetooth App to unlock!

RFID Smart Handbag

RFID Shielding

RFID shielding, you can protect your sensitive personal data with passports and credit cards

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