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6 customer reviews
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A Smart and inspired executive leather Travel Tote from FYB. The ultimate fashion accessory for the travelling women. The collection features the latest in SMART technology including: wireless charging pockets, RFID protective card holders and passport holder, padded laptop / tablet compartment (15 inch) and organisation sections rivalling a mobile office.
This luxurious leather handbag also features Bluetooth connectivity providing additional access to the automatic bio-metric fingerprint lock and proximity alerts, you will never never lose your handbag again!
  • 5,000MaH Wireless or Wired SMART device Charging pocket! providing that vital charge whilst on the go.
  • Link your SMART device enabling you to unlock your bag directly from your phone! And proximity sensor alerts you if you ever stray away forgetting your bag!
  • TSA accepted Bio-metric (fingerprint) recognition Lock - Security features which are set to your Bio-metrics, Store up to 100 different fingerprints, quick, easy and fast access no need for keys or codes!
  • Protect your personal data from contactless credit cards to your passport!
  • 42(w)x31(h)x16(d)cm
  • 21L
  • 1.3kg
  • 15 inch laptop capacity
  • 5,000MaH SMART device charger: Wireless pocket & wired
  • • Automatic opening bio-metric (Fingerprint) • Lock Bluetooth® SMART device opening • Bluetooth® lock opening & proximity alerts • RFID Protected Card slots and passport pocket
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  • FYB-Wireless Enabler
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Many phones are already wireless enabled but for those that aren’t quite there simply plug in the FYB-Wireless Enabled plug in to your SMART phone and you’re good to go! The Plug in is so small it fits perfectly under most phone cases!”

A powerful 5000MaH power bank gives you up to 3 full charges! Enough to keep you powered through the day!”

  • 1. Take any SMART phone: Android or iPhone
  • 2. Plug in FYB-Wireless enabler
  • 3. Drop in to the Charging pocket
  • 4. Seize the day with full power!
6 Customer Reviews
    • Helen Gowers

    I love my new handbag! The fingerprint lock is super slick and works every time. Having had my handbag pickpocketed whilst in a café in the past (it was right next to me!) this gives me confidence moving around town.

    • Elaine Denman

    As a Sales professional, I spend a lot of time out and about on meetings. The charging and organisation of this bag, with room for my laptop, makes me feel like I have everything I need from the office without having to be tethered there. Wireless charging means I’m always connected and takes zero effort to just drop in the pocket.

    • Diana Roe

    I’ve had so many compliments since receiving the FYB bag. It looks great in the office, super professional at meetings but also stylish when walking round town and going for dinner. The layout means I don’t have to take a laptop case as well as my handbag. The wireless charging pockets is effortless and something I couldn’t live without now.

    • Sara Cole

    The leather is such great quality and the features integrated so well. From the outside it looks like a classic, elegant leather bag with equal thought put into the inside layout for busy people. I initially bought the bag for the weekday whilst travelling for work but it now comes out on the weekend too.

    • Chloe Smith

    This is the future of bags! Now I’m used to having the tech it’s hard to go back to just a regular handbag. I can use my phone for my music and making calls all day without having to find a plug socket. The proximity phone app and fingerprint gives piece of mind on the tube (something I was always paranoid about before).

    • Jayne Wilson

    This should be standard issue for everyone who travels for work. I can fit my personal and work stuff into the handbag without having to take an extra (ugly) laptop bag. I’m no longer on constant look out for a spare charging point on the train or at the airport because of the wireless charging pocket. Looks great in meetings and keeps my things organised so I have everything to hand when I need it - without having to empty the contents of my bag!